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“If you feeling lost and want to run away…

…….let the angels and god help you find your way call me I can help you find that path…”

Psychic Tessa

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- Father Dempsey

I am a priest a man of cloth I had heard about Tessa from some of my congregation people at first I must admit I was sceptical and it was against all that I was taught and learnt from the church, till one day something really bad happened in my personal life and I for the first time questioned who I was and god , it made me doubt I went to Tessa as I was heartbroken and the things that I learnt from her was beyond even what I could comprehend , how she knew the bible the Koran the deities of each Hindu God and the Christian religion, I always make a joke with her now and say Tessa I can put you on the pulpit of the church and think you will give them a run for religion, she showed me Jesus of love and showed me how the angel showed her how and why what happened to me she was able to interpret the bible  in versions that I as a priest of many years of studies could not even fathom. Tessa has a true gift to help people find answers and as she said many times it is just god that uses her to send the messages to his people , whether if his people hear or not that is not her job.

- Sue

Psychic Tessa crossed my path in may of 2016. During a very crucial and  critical time in my life, her brilliant psychic assistance and ability as her spirit, guidance and directions helped me cope with the major changes in my life, I was able to change the situations I was in that moment, I would place Tessa amongst the best psychic leaders and believe she heals with her faith, that I have witnessed of god and the angels, she is very supportive and takes your calls when need a angel friend, I have faith that if anyone went to her they would be awed with her love and lite she gives to you like I did,

- Desiree

I met psychic Tessa in 2009 , and have stayed years with her I have regarded her as the best psychic in South Africa  so far, the only weakness I have found is that she is to honest she has such honesty towards her clients that some people do not like this which is sad , as I would rather be told the truth in life than the lives of many, I have met many psychics in my years and have seen many but will always say tessa stays the best the only thing she says it as it is no frills.

- Nam

I am a black lady in south Africa I met tessa she is such a loving caring incredible person, she uses her extraordinary gifts as a psychic , medium and comforts you, educates you gives you hope and validation, to those that seek her out,

I have over the years had a number of readings with tessa and in awe because of her every single time she is spot on,

I still remember my first reading how she picked up I would be part of a show in the near future I kept saying is this lady crazy what show, could it be theatre , arts, what I was very confused as she kept laughing at me saying wait God has a plan.

Two weeks later a brand line producer phone me in Johannesburg and order a job in production company of one of south Africa’s leading soapies, and here I am and the rest is history am on TV.

Over the years I have referred people to her as friends and family and who found the same healing and empowered healing gifts she has after their readings.

I would recommend anyone to see her and see how awe your life changes like day and night and how the godliness you never felt you feel immediately. Good luck Tessa

- Love Namledi