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…….let the angels and god help you find your way call me I can help you find that path…”

Psychic Tessa

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What I Do…

Tessa does tarot readings, she first holds your hand and speaks to the angels she says she asks them. Controversy of the gossip of that psychics are against religion - Tessa has been approached by priests who are in awe of her gift she has one priest in common had commented on how he in all the years been a man of the cloth has seen how god has used a person to see and speak to god his words exactly Tessa I learnt god thru the books of written mankind but the faith that I have seen and the gift from god that I have seen you have is very rare in this world to find. Tessa comment we all gods angels we just need to hear better…

The tarot card is a reading as a guide think like a dr that uses tools like scans and she does the same she uses this as a tool i many of times have said that she does not need it but she said to me many times over i am a dr and each dr needs his tools,

Tarot has been misjudged by many of sceptics in over the years, but if i see how torn and tattered her cards are as i see the love and healing she has of her old tools i have only but to wonder how a wonder tool she holds.

I do not do crossing overs to one reason god said let the dead be dead, i have seen how god takes humans thru the light of life i have written about this how the most people don’t reach god but another place that is then to be come back on earth so how onearth can you talk to someone who has crossed over, the dead i have seen and have been able to talk to have been those stuck on earth and have not moved off earth for whatever reason they have done or was done to,

Examples of work done by Tessa…

“I am a judge my name is Tamryn i have been coming to Tessa for a while she does not believe in doing cross overs as she said that if god wants someone to talk to you he will, so she has her own believes and thoughts on this as to what i respect, one day she said to me tamryn don’t cross over to the world that is walking with you if you don’t want to, but remember only those stuck on earth can you talk to , so i let this be one day i walked into her office after work and wow i was there for myself but did i learn how that day if the dead wanted to talk to you they will, she immediately tells me this specific day Tamryn you have a dead little girl that follow you in this room today, i got so scared and said Tessa stop playing with me she then described this little girl blood head etc, and then the child was telling her of her murder, i was in awe as Tessa did not know but that day i had a case in my court room of a little girl murder, she told me who how and what, and said one thing afterwards, tell Tamryn that if she don’t believe me something in the case in three days will cause the case to be postponed and it wont happen, anyway i went on with my reading that is why i was there, but four days later i called her and told her everything she said was in a file i had not even had in front of me which i saw, the third day, and that the case was postponed.”

“Hello my name is to confidential i am a policemen in south Africa I came to Tessa as my friend recommended me i had a missing baby gone , she directed us took us a few days told us chip papers on floor but what she kept saying in her reading child lying by a river between rocks but the child kept crying to her in the dead state my eyes my eyes my eyes, well we had to phone Tessa to tell her we found the child exactly as she said and the story of the eyes are the crabs had eaten the childs eyes while her body was lying in the river, in all my years of being a professional i never once considered using a psychic for cases but would recommend her anyday.

Thanks for her help and lite.”

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