“If you feeling lost and want to run away…

…….let the angels and god help you find your way.

 Call me and I can help you find that path…”

Psychic Tessa

Professional & Established Psychic, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Tel : 072 552 1183 / 031 536 8135   l   Email : psychictessa@gmail.co.za

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About Psychic Tessa

Psychic Tessa as seen and heard on radio and television, is an experienced and professional psychic in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. She has been interviewed over the years by popular South African television and radio stations, and specialises in answering, teaching and helping people, in Durban and throughout South Africa.

Her authenticity of being a psychic has been tested by the media, year in and out. Psychic Tessa, admired and renowned for her extraordinary psychic abilities and willingness to help people has left many in awe after experiencing or witnessing her segment son radio or television.

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Of what I do…

Contradictory to the gossip and stereotypes that psychics are against religion - Psychic Tessa has been approached by priests who are in awe of her gift.

Testimony to this is a priest, who commented on how in all the years he had been a man of the cloth, he has seen how god has used a person to speak God… His words exactly are as follows, “Tessa, I learnt God through the books of written mankind but the faith that I have seen and the gift from god that you have is very rare to find in this world.” Tessa comments are that we all God’s Angels, we just need to hear better…

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Tel : 072 552 1183 / 031 536 8135  l   Email : psychictessa@gmail.co.za