Psychic Tessa

Professional Psychic in Durban, KZN…

“If you feeling lost and want to run away…

…….let the angels and god help you find your way call me I can help you find that path…”

Psychic Tessa

Professional & Established Psychic, in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal…

Tel : 072 552 1183 / 031 536 8135

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About Tessa

Psychic Tessa as seen and heard on radio and tv. She has been interviewed over the years with tv stations and radio stations over the years answering and teaching and helping people.

Her authenticity of being a psychic has been tested by the media years in out and has been always in awe of many people who heard her or saw her on tv. The home of Tessa is in Kwazulu Natal. She has worked from her home her whole life, she now has a shop in Umhlanga and is based in the Gateway area.

She has been a psychic for many years, she has been on radio shows talk shows and tv programmes. She has given many predictions of world and South Africa in newspapers that for eg. the small Tsunami that came true, the president that came true, the drought that came true.

She is well known in Durban, she does travel from time to time she does Skype readings

Email readings, telephonic readings and personal readings.

Her shop is Health Angles, Aura drive in Umhlanga.

Her telephone numbers are listed 0725521183.

She has been a reputable and established psychic for many years.

Many people of all walks have seen Tessa and been in awe with her work.