Spiritual Healing,

Soul Retrieval,

Soul Rescue,  

Egyptian Healing,

Spiritual Hypnotherapy,

Native American Healing, Shamanic Healing,

Aura Cleanse,

Chakra Balancing,

Crystal Healing,

Ayahuasca Ceremonies,

Space Clearing,

Home Cleansings,

Business Cleansings,

Sacred Smoke Blessing,





Cord cutting,

Psychic Attacks.

May you all walk the walk in the sands of life and leave your footprints of unconditional love.

Tessa Klue

Tessa Klue lives on the Kwa-zulu Natal coast in South Africa. She sees clients almost everyday and accommodates out-of-town clients telephonically whenever possible. She holds Angelic Workshops and Meditation Workshops monthly. She also does guest appearences on the radio. She has written one book prior to this one, Angelic light and love for living, and already has another two books in the planning stages.

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